Graphic Designer
Hello! I’m a Graphic Designer that's graduated from Manchester School of Art with a First Class Honours. My work is centred around human interaction and cultural elements. I aim to take on socially engaging projects to utilise my conceptual thinking and psychological approach to creative problem solving.  Before I became a Graphic Designer I thought I was going to be a Conceptual Artist. It was only when I discovered that I could apply the concepts of art to function and purpose that I realised the power of graphic design. 
I am currently seeking Junior Designer roles within the creative industry to expand and develop as a designer. Specifically my work spans across branding to editorial, however recently I have created a side hustle print company, Lili's Lil Prints. Here I design custom made portrait illustrations and prints with an aim at spreading positive thoughts and energy. 
Outside of design I am a music, art and food fanatic. Eating my way around cities, attending music events (techno and disco always) and visiting art exhibitions to absorb creative culture.